3 Ways to celebrate your success in 2023

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This past year has been tough for many people and organisations but the chances are you had successes too. I am a business owner but I also donate time to help raise professional standards and organisational performance. That includes being a judge in competitions that celebrate success so I want to encourage you to consider submitting an entry.

Project Management Institute of New Zealand holds its 2024 NZ Project Management Awards in conjunction with its annual conference. The deadline has just been extended to 15 January 2024. See link to submit entries below:

The International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) provides a platform for organisations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others.   Recognition will be given across 21 Categories of Excellence.  Applications for 2024 have a deadline date of 4 March 2024 to qualify for Early-Bird Fees. See link to application brochure below:

Write up your successes yourself and share them with your team, put them on your intranet, add them to your newsletter, write a blog, put it on TikTok or create a LinkedIn post.  This is the end of the year so take a moment to record what went right and why – for your own sake and to share with others. Take the time to celebrate success. You’ve earned it!

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