Is digital transformation real?

Is digital transformation real or is it human transformation

Is digital transformation real? Are the benefits achievable? Every few years there is a new management fad. How do we separate the hype from the value? We look at what digital transformation promises and what it delivers, so let’s do that.

What is digital transformation?

The full incorporation of computer-based technologies into your organisation’s products, processes and strategies to change how you operate and deliver value.

The promised benefits of digital transformation include:

  • Better customer experiences
  • Improved products and services
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • More sustainable use of resources
  • Lower costs
  • Bigger profits – or more value for money
  • Better use of data

There is no doubt that “digital transformation” is a buzzphrase that has been used to sell services and products that are not needed and that don’t deliver value.  Does that mean it doesn’t stack up?

No. It doesn’t. You can achieve some or all of the benefits above.  I know that because I have just been on a best practice judging panel evaluating organisations that have done it. 

What evidence did I see of digital transformation?

  • Organisations partner with others to share complex information through very secure firewalls and build trust doing so
  • People able to access services and solutions not previously available
  • Thousands of businesses benefitting from scrapping of paper processes
  • A hugely complex industrial organisation integrating and digitally controlling production processes to respond to markets in real time
  • Process times slashed by 60-90% on a sustainable basis

People-driven digital transformation

Most importantly, what I saw was technology enabling change driven by people:

So the answer is yes. Digital transformation can be real but the secret is people.

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